Music Making Software – Apple Logic Pro 9

Music Making Software – Apple Logic Pro 9   With Apple  logic pro 9, as its current publisher, the Logic Pro fan base is enormous because the software is that good. Furthermore used to be a basic version of Logic Pro named Logic Express, but with the latest release of Logic Pro. Apple has discontinued […]

Mix Music Online – Acid Pro 7

Mix Music Online – Acid Pro 7 Have you ever wanted to make and mix music online, well acid pro 7 is all you need in my book. This software comes with a huge library of bass, drums, sound effects, ethnic instruments. It inputs midi files, MP3 files, Wave files, and much more. Furthermore you […]

Music Making Software – BVT Solo

Music Making Software – Sorry Bvt Solo website is down   I finally got BVT Solo I was pretty excited about it with all the great reviews it was getting. Everyone was right, this music making software is everything it claimed to be. BVT Solo has better samples then Dr Drum, cooler interface, better sounds, […]

Music Program For PC – Dr Drum

Music Program For PC and Mac – Music Mixing Software   Dr Drum is a outstanding professional Music program for PC and Mac, without the crazy price tag or years of practice to master it.  It did however take me hours to figure it out, I guess not just anyone can make good beats with […]